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Macklemore returns in grandiose fashion

Macklemore is a solid year-and-change removed from those awkward 2014 Grammy Awards, in which he perceivably swiped several wins from Kendrick Lamar, and added insult to injury by Instagramming a text message apology to the Compton rapper. Like, ‘sorry I’m this good, man’. Oof.


Still, the steamboat pushes onward, and if anyone knows about momentum, it’s Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. They pushed over 13 million units of 3 singles in their breakout year (2013), and they’ve returned with the Ed Sheeran-featured “Growing Up,” and, now, a pop-funk jam–that Bruno Mars is currently side-eyeing–titled “Downtown,” featuring Grandmaster Caz, Mellie Mel and Kool Moe Dee. Yeah, take that, cultural appropriation.

You can watch the video above, and expect this to be an over-the-top performance at Sunday’s MTV VMAs.

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