A Napa Valley Wine Tour executive has apologized to a book club for kicking them off of a wine train for laughing loudly. Anthony Giaccio, CEO of the wine tour issued a public apology to the women.

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“The Napa Valley Wine Train was 100% wrong in its handling of this issue,” CEO Anthony Giaccio said in a statement. “We accept full responsibility for our failures and for the chain of events that led to this regrettable treatment of our guests.”

On Saturday, “Sistah’s Reading on the Edge” were on the tour enjoying the scenery when they were approached by a woman who told them their laughs were annoying the tour. When they arrived to the next stop, the 11 members of the book club including an 83 year old woman were escorted off of the train. All of the women are African American. The women had to go through five train cars and were met by police. The women waited for 20 minutes for the next train.


This caused outrage throughout social media who created, #LaughingWhileBlack. In a post on Facebook, the company says that the reason the women was kicked off of the tour is because they were unruly. The post was later taken down.

  • Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)
  • photo credit: NYDailyNews.com