Seriously gym anyone?

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This month Crunch is using a market tool that we just can’t turn down. The gym is now offering a 5 day guest pass including a free personal training session. Cool right? It gets better. In addition you can even get access to the classes they have to offer as well. I know right; amazing, free and no hidden fees. The best part is that I’m serious! All you literally have to do is fill out the form which the link is provided below in which where you can do so. I recently filled out the form myself and was reached out instantly by a manager through email. I was in the gym the next day and the experience was fab not to mention my personal trainer was a total babe. Any who, everyone should take advantage of this wonderful promo may end any day now.|DD|EM|||2015-08-26T17:15:42


-P.S. Although I did mention all these goodies along with the fact that this is a major freebie, I mean come on it’s a market tool. It’s only right that at the end of it all of course their going to try to get you so join the gym with an official membership which you are totally not entitled too if you don’t wan’t too. Lol, in the mean time, say fit my friends.