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On Saturday, August 29th, the Arthur Ashe Stadium hosted the annual US Open Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at Flushing Meadow Park.  Kids from all around New York came to show off their tennis skills, watch their favorite tennis stars warm up against each other, and to just have a fun time in celebration for the US Open.  At 1 pm, a private concert and kids day special event was held at the stadium with celebrities Shaun T and Brooke Taylor hosting.  With DJ Alex Angelo and a group of teen dancers taking the court, this event started off hot and full of energy and was especially fun because Shaun T choreographed the routine performed.

The first event of the afternoon was a skills contest where four teen tennis athletes took the court for a target practice game showing off both their fronthand and backhand.  Afterwards, the cast of the national Broadway musical “Annie” sang the national anthem.  Next, the American Authors came on stage to perform two of their biggest hits “Best Day of my Life,” and “Go Big or Go Home.”  Then, Novak Djokovic came to the court and played against four young tennis stars ranging from ages 7-10.  After their individual matches, the four kids teamed up with tennis professional, Madison Keys to take Djokovic down.  Natalie La Rose then came on stage and performed her hit song “Somebody.” Read what she had to say about being apart of the event below!



Q:  Can you talk about what it is like for you to be at this event?

A:  It’s very exciting.  I know that this is a big deal and I am not from here, I’m from Amsterdam, but I have been told that this is huge and I didn’t know until I actually got here and now that I’m seeing this, it’s pretty big and exciting and I am just very excited to be here.


Q:  Do you have a favorite tennis player?

A:  I love Serena Williams.  She is the best.

Q:  “All Around the World” has been such a big hit, can you reflect on its success?

A:  Well, it’s still growing and I am excited for where it is going and I am very proud of the music video that we did.  I wanted to create a little bit of a movie in the video so that’s what we tried to do and I love the song and to have Fetty Wap on it too.


Q:  So how was it like working with Fetty Wap?

A:  We weren’t together when we recorded the song but I met him afterwards and he is such a nice person and he was so excited to be on my song.


Q:  Are there any dream collaborators you would love to work with in the future?

A:  I’m signed to Flo Rida’s record label.  It’s called IMG, so I would love to put out a project with him.


Q:  And how was the tour with Fifth Harmony?

A:  Good.  It just ended two days ago.  The last show was at the Beacon Theater and we toured for almost two months and it was such a great experience.  I learned a lot and the audiences were great, the girls were great, so it was a success.


Q:  What were some of your favorite moments from the tour?

A:  I guess it was when these girls came on stage and crashed my show and started dancing with me to “Somebody.”  That was actually really fun.

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