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This is definitely the VMAs I remember growing up too, all bittersweet moments.

It’s amazing how when you pay close attention you can catch everything. It’s also amazing when you don’t have to pay close attention and it’s there for you to catch. This year The 2015 VMAs was nothing, but chaos, ridiculous and absolutely juicy.  I’ve gathered just about every moment I could that would forever relive this year’s award show.

First off Nicki and Taylor on stage together? These two ladies did just about the boldest thing any other female species could do in our time, squash the beef everyone was publicly in tune and put it to rest.


Shortly after Miley Cyrus the host of the evening introduces herself and several others that seemingly was not interested when shouted out: Justin Beiber ( Hey ), The Weeknd ( Eh ), and A$AP Rocky ( F*ck is this …)

Someone scroll the clock to 1:20 please, Lol

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Nicki goes from 0 to 100 real quick on Miley!


Seriously MTV those infomercials?! Biggie?! Y’all Crazy!

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>MTV finna catch a mean lawsuit from the LAPD</p>&mdash; Fidel Cashflow (@MikeGotJuice_) <a href=”″>August 31, 2015</a></blockquote>
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Justin performs in first time in over 5 years! You can tell he did his best to put on, respect! #YouMadeIt!

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John legend and Big Sean first moon, including Kanye which is like on what 20? #WeMadeIt!


Not to say Kanye restlessly doesn’t care,


 kidding, love him he’s the shit! Which leads to why we know he cares because after Taylor tells every one on how she gonna let ya finish… *Stops to remember*


she goes ahead and presents him the Vanguard win!


Don’t you love beautiful stories! Wait there’s more! The story continues with Kanye proudly accepting his award giving his acceptance speech which I totally understood!!!! To *DRUMROLL PLEASE*


The show keeps getting better and better right? Kylie Jenner was on stage and she didn’t mess up! I’d have to say, “four point for you Glen Koko.” Let alone someone else who was on stage seemingly weird, silly and trying to rush off or maybe it was me…Rita Ora?


I mean, her favorite clan the Kardashians was front row and she had A$Ap Rocky in a stage right next to her ready to perform next…hmm not really fans, awkward.

Yeah I smoke pot, yeah I love peace

Last but not least Hollywood Boulevard written all over it and on stage, Miley Miley Miley  


 Pure entertainment! That’s all folks.