Yep, you read the headline right
Back when baggy jeans, Jay Z’s Blueprint was on repeat and the iPod was the new invention (yes, it’s been that long), Hpnotiq liquor was the universal and omnipresent drink featured in rap lyrics and without a doubt a heavy staple within the culture. Despite fading out, the famous liquor is back and thanks to the brand and Team Epiphany, they are tapping back into the late 90’s and 2000’s and paying homage to a drink that not only defined a stage in rap culture, but was culturally embraced and quickly successful.

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Making a noteworthy comeback, the liquor is back and tapped artists and influencers alike such as Yung Jake, Va$htie Kola and Harlem’s own Cam’ron.  Keeping true to the aesthetic of the era, the brand released a visual Art-Deco-inspired pictures created by artist Naturel which features, the artists in the campaign, gold chains and Versace shades.  Check out Naturel talking about the resurgence of the brand above and stay locked and pay attention to what Hpnotiq x Team Epiphany have in store for us.

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