Currently on a press run for his starring role in the new television series “The Big Leaf,” actor/comedian Tony Rock stopped by The Source office and shed some light on the program but also spoke on a multitude of other topics including the “Straight Outta Compton” film, Meek Mill/Drake feud, his older brother Chris Rock, his favorite recent album, which new MC he favors and much more. Rock spoke with a humorous candor on all topics, which made for very entertaining sit down. Mail was delivered to the office in the middle of his interview and he spun into off the cuff comedy as only he could. Check it out below, and be on the lookout for “The Big Leaf,” which is set to air on TVOne Tuesday September 15th at 11pm EST.

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I really got a kick out of his take on Meek Mill/DrakeRocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)