If the mesmerizing eyes of vocalist and musician, House of Cry, catch your attention, then her talent and five-octave vocal range will keep it. Yep, we’re talking Mariah numbers, vocally, and on top of playing the majority of the instruments you’ll hear on the varied seven-track EP, Sincerely Cry, her writing is surprisingly refreshing.   Once I began listening, I was completely fixed on it.

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On the Salaam Remi assisted project, Cry falsettos about her uncertainty of womanhood on “How to Be” and demonstrates her prowess on the strings over her unwillingness to domesticate on “I Don’t Wanna”, declaring, “I Know that you want a family too/ but, baby I’m a rolling stone that’s why I can’t be with you.” Although, the Chicago artist isn’t afraid to speak frankly about sexuality on “Toes Curl” (reminiscent of Miss Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place”) or make nods to that inevitable Remi Hip-Hop influence with “URAENO”, it’s when she gets back to a more classic soul sound that her impressive vocal range breaks through. Don’t let the melodic vibes confuse you, she definitely has some gangsta to her; pay close attention and you’ll catch it.

“Mindful” is the standout of the EP, showing House of Cry conjuring the ranges of Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, while still maintaining her own unique vocal athleticism equipped with key changes, staccatos, belting and whistle ranges.  “Sorry” is that one record that will legitamitely have you sitting around in your feelings, due to the heart breaking poetics combined with such haunting cadence.  Requests for back-to-basics R&B singers have been at an all-time high, however all those soul singer powerhouses didn’t do much of their own writing—and the listening public demands bona-fide, original music!


Sincerely, Cry may just be the answer to this quandary. I give it a major co-sign, (which doesn’t happen too often from me) so I recomend you click the headphones above, definitely take a listen and give us your thoughts.