You ever play a pick up game and you’re in the zone, making 3’s like you’re almost related to Stephen Curry? Or everything is going your way at work after you killed that meeting with no preparation? Being in that pocket is a lot like what J.I.D does for about three and a half minutes over a beat that sounds like Dave Brubeck produced if he grew up with Mike Will Made It. Fellow Atlanta native PacManADV has a smoky Jazz vibraphone with some junk in the trunk for the drums, setting the stage perfectly for J.I.D’s close up.

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Spillage Village associate J.I.D states that “Reloaded” is “an autobiography of sorts. These are real life situations that really happened.” So while he strings flows together that most rappers would hurt themselves trying to imitate, you’re getting a piece of the grimmer side of life. It’s just the intro to what’s to come on his upcoming 11 track project Para Tu: Reloaded. And after he’s done with his time, he was so kind to leave you a couple minutes to get familiar with the layers of PacManADV’s work.

Applaud the man.


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