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Bear’ N All hat dropping October 1st a MUST HAVE. 

Afeez Co presents an eye-catching piece of hatwear that features a bear dressed up on the front and I gotta say that this hat will definitely be in high demand come October 1st. The hat is featured with a bear created by designer @dongottti. The “Bear’ N All hat” is inspired by wildlife to child life which means everyone has been in a situation that seemed too hard to bare, luckily with freedom of the mind and freedom of design the creator is able to reach the world with a Bear N All (baring all) mentality. Stealing success as easily as your childhood friend Yogi could snag a picnic basket or even as non fictional wildlife bears approach the world with survival in mind, while sometimes being fearful of others and vice versa. The bear n all displays an animal dressed to kill in a way that would certainly make wildlife activists proud. The hat will be available in different colors and will release on October 1st on Check out more images of the “Bear’ N All hat” collection in the gallery below.