Out of this 3rd Rock, n**** air it out/I am on my Tom Brady y’all n***** is Eric Crouch-Rick Ross

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As the summer is winding down, some major jaw dropping events occurred in sports that had the Twitter world go crazy like the classic Young Jeezy anthem. Your favorite NFL quarterback to root against shows why he’s a winner on and off the field. A Compton native is one of the hottest things to root for as she on a quest to make history. A golf legend’s game and legacy is hanging on a string. Wrestling is slowly becoming even more relevant and fun to watch as mainstream sports media are rightfully recognizing the phenomenon that never died out, all thanks to the OG’s. More dope sports exclusives like the ones just mentioned are the reasons why The Source Sports own Omari White was able to take note and pen his personal scoff about some of the hottest and most intriguing events that happened in which it made the neighborhood park arguments look like the The Great Debate 2.0. Get your helmets ready,  make sure your Under Armour or Nike accessories is on right as we about to go through Source Sports Combine workout with the intriguing scoff with @SmooveGuyO.