Tom Brady & The Deflategate Case

After months of fighting, bickering and disputing…..it’s finally over. This time it’s not about a new rule being inducted by the competition committee or a collective bargaining disagreement. This time it was evolving around one man who after the announcement can perfectly say…..is the man and you have no choice but to respect it. The future Hall Of Famer Tom Brady was able to show Patriots and NFL fans that he is the man on the field and even in the court room. United States District Judge Richard M. Berman was in favor in Tom Brady in which he believe that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell went too far in affirming punishment. With the 4 game suspension officially nulled, Pats fans are able to celebrate with a sigh of relief as their Super Bowl winning quarterback will be the head honcho come week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Huge win for Pats and the Brady. Another lost for Goodell and the NFL. But let’s be honest, all of this wouldn’t been a major deal if Ciara‘s bae Russell Wilson would’ve made the play that’s just football common sense 101. With seconds ticking away in the biggest stage of them all by 1 yd line, if Wilson was able to simply hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch, Deflategate wouldn’t have been the talk of NFL offseason and we would’ve been discussing how Wilson will performed with a new extension, new boo and another Super Bowl ring on his finger.  Until then…..Tom, you got away with a another one you sneaky gun slinger.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 12: New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady arrives at federal court to appeal the National Football League's (NFL) decision to suspend him for four games of the 2015 season on August 12, 2015 in New York City. The NFL alleges that Brady knew footballs used in one of last season's games was deflated below league standards, making it easier to handle. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)