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The Championships - Wimbledon 2012: Day Twelve

Serena Williams’s Dominance

A walking dynasty like no other. What Serena Williams is doing right now in tennis has the debaters going off like an Kanye West radio interview with Sway. Talk about complete dominance, Serena is running through the tennis circuit in amazing effortless fashion in which it has no choice to finally put her in the argument as the greatest to ever serve a bright neon green ball to her opponent. Heading into the 2015 US Open, Williams just need to win one more major to complete the calendar major slam sweep, something that hasn’t been done since the great Steffi Graf in 1988. With a competitive edge that is fiercer than a Kobe Bryant facial expression, Williams is continue to become a trendsetter for the way fans will forever look at women’s tennis. Critic and haters are still out there bashing the Compton bred phenom due to her physical physique but let’s keep it real, Williams is the perfect prototype of being a perfect elegant, sexy blend of lean well proportioned athleticism packed into one eye gazing mesmerizing stunning beauty. Serena is leading the pack in showing fans and critics that the power of muscle on a woman is just as attractive and sexy as the slender athletes that constantly being praised by multi billion dollar corporations. With major wins piling up left and right, the #1 player in the world is just 3 major tournaments away from tying the all time record. By 2016, it’s safe to say that Serena will break the feat while doing it in a style in which aspiring beautiful African American female athletes can look at as a prime example to duplicate and imitate. Despite seen mingling with Mr. “Back-To-Back”, Drake still wouldn’t stand a chance at beating the beautiful sensation with her left arm tied up. Powerful serve and magnificent forehand, Serena’s game is just a driving force of why whenever she’s on the court……she’s on worst behavior. WORST!