With football just right around the corner, it’s going to be real interesting how the media will paint Tom Brady. Fans nationwide will boo him with the quickness and I will not be surprised if we see some more deflategate shots being thrown at him in the stands. But we all have to agree that this guy is a winner and knows how to get the job done, one way or another. It will be intriguing how Rex Ryan’s Bills and the newly defensive minded Jets will try to stop the future Hall Of Famer to add more stat breaking performance into his series of accolades. Pigskin season is warming up while the action in the diamond is beginning to heat up as playoff time is approaching. The teams to look out for such as the Toronto Blue Jays, Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals are reasons why this year’s playoffs is going to be a intriguing and dramatic one. But overall, this summer sport season has been an dope one for the ages and fans we salute you for tuning in to let your voice be heard from witnessing drama at it’s best. Get ready for pigskin season because we are all in for a doozy. If you think otherwise, you may need to revisit Sports Center for all the transaction and preseason game highlights.


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