This month MUZOOKA is shining a light on Seattle based hip-hop artist MC S.A.V. Known for his distinctive “Frankenstein Flow” that combines technicality, speed, lyrical ability and metaphors, MC S.A.V lives up to his name “Style and Variety.” The young up-and-comer drops his visual for “Guardian Angel.”

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In 2013, MC S.A.V started using Muzooka and he eventually caught the ear of producer Jared Lee Gosselin, whose most notable collaborations include Eminem, India Arie, Young Jeezy and Macy Gray, among many more. A Platform Partner of Muzooka, Gosselin reached out to MC S.A.V through the site and together they produced the song 24K. The second single from MC S.A.V and produced by Jared Lee Gosselin, GUARDIAN, is now available on Muzooka.

“I have been using Muzooka for a little over a year and really like the Partner Platform feature,” says Gosselin. “Finding new music and connecting with aspiring artists has always been important to me and through the Partner Platform, I am able to discover new music and talent.”


“Working with Jared is great. After hearing some of the songs I had on Muzooka he reached out to see about doing a record together, the beat he sent me ended up being 24k and we pretty much hit it off ever since,” says MC S.A.V. “I recorded 24K in Seattle and sent it back to Jared in a couple days, turning the beat into a remix along with a really dope off the wall animated music video.”

MC S.A.V signed to Destiny Studios in 2010 with his group Pacific Game. While under the label he recorded his first solo EP “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.” Now working as an independent artist, MC S.A.V released his debut solo album, STAR KILLER, in July 2014.

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