He’s young, what do you expect

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It’s no question that the Los Angeles Lakers are taking the small steps towards the rebuilding process and after two successful consecutive years of getting very good rookies, the Los Angeles Lakers will compete (well, kinda). Not shying away from speaking his mind, rookie guard D’Angelo Russell was very hopeful in Lakers playoff possibility this season when asked in a press conference. According to Russell he spoke with Basketball Insiders’ Alex Kennedy and stated, “Expectations are high, but this Lakers squad will most definitely a playoff team.”

Have to say, his confidence level is exactly where it needs to be considering that the Lakers missed the playoffs last season. Not to mention, this is what they need, a young, fresh talent that doesn’t care about reality. But what about the fans who do care about reality? Can the Lakers truly be an eight seed in a conference which contains the San Antonio Spurs, a well-rested KD and Oklahoma City Thunder squad, Los Angeles Clippers and a hungry Houston Rockets team? Will be interesting to see if they can live up to the hype.


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