Minister Farrakhan has a goal to raise $1.8 million dollars to go towards the 20th anniversary Million Man March on October 10th.

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Many #BlackLivesMatter supporters (and ballers) have been helping to push the effort. Power couple, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith donated a whopping $150,000 towards the March.

Brother Jesse announced the generous donation and expressed his gratitude on Twitter:


Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 8.54.05 PM


If you’d like to donate for this wonderful cause, click here.

If you’re going to be in the Washington, D.C area on March 10th, partake in the march on October 10th at the National Mall.

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  • OG Mally Bieber says:


  • MonaLisa MonaLisa says:

    Never knew they were racists. Now we do! WOW!

    • truthcorrupts says:

      if this is what constitutes as racism , that inferiority complex i suspected most whites of having may be worst than i thought.

      • Steve Kline says:

        How is it NOT racist when they are supporting a strictly black event organized by a known radical muslim that has publicly called for the killing of whites? There is no inferiority complex sir, strictly the facts.

        • truthcorrupts says:

          steve …….. if we were to go off of strictly facts ,i would hope you would have enough sense to keep your mouth closed, period. how can you identify racism when its the norm for you? go blog .

          • Holly says:

            Oh, that’s right, only whites can be racist, and we all are. If we are sticking to that kind of logic then I’ll play along. All blacks are criminals. Truthcorrupts, what if I were to donate money to an all white group who’s leader called for the killing of 10,000 blacks. Would you call me a racist?

          • truthcorrupts says:

            go suck a cock with shit on the tip of it. you irrelevant attention whore.

          • Larry Lbc Belafonte says:

            White people are racist. Ask the native Americans if u can find one still alive or Africans or any non white person. I don’t support farrakhan but I don’t care that they do. Neither should you

          • norcaljohnny says:

            Interesting, that you just say white people and leave it at that. People like you should not be trusted as the net is full of the ignorant such as you and those who follow people like you with no research or thought. Let’s see who was involved. Spain, Italy, Portugal, Blacks and Jews. First 3 groups are Latins. Blacks are, well duh, black, and Jews are Middle Eastern. So please do tell how these are White peoples fault?