Giancarlo Esposito and Dexter Darden star in “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” out today. 

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Read what they had to say about the exciting film below:


Giancarlo Esposito

Did you impart some of your wisdom to the young actors?

I did, they were yearning to learn by example. They’re all great actors. They all showed up on time, knew their lines, and had great ideas, it was very impressive. My mother use to say “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.” I want to change that to say, “Just observe, be a living example in your life and that’s what people will respect the most. If you’re struggling say what that struggle is, share it. I have four daughters myself who are very important to me. My daughter was the one who said, make the deal, she was the one who read all the books. So, for young actors, commit, read everything that you can, and be organically true.

If you had to enter The Scorch and had to pick one person from real life, who would that be?

Dylan O’Brien, I think he’s fantastic, not only as an actor, but he’s physically sound, smart, sharp, he’s quick. I would take him.

What was your favorite part of shooting?

It had to be all of our parts at the end of the movie, the climax of the movie. I also enjoyed all the stuff at Jorge’s lair I loved it.


Dexter Darden

If you had to enter The Scorch and had to pick one person from real life, who would that be?

My mom, actually I don’t know if I want to put my mom through the Scorch, but she’s right here, spying on me as always.

Between the Scorch Trials and the Maze Runner, what was your favorite trial or maze you had to go through?

My favorite moment was when we go in to discover the griever for the first time. Like when Thomas develops a team of me, Minho, and a couple of the other Gladers and we see a griever for the first time, that was pretty cool.

What was the most challenging thing to shoot?

The Scorch Trials, I’m running up and down the sand dunes, that was really, really tough.

Did you do any fun stunts?

Yeah, we did all of our own stunts in this movie. We had a couple of stunt guys because we aren’t doing anything crazy. but we got to do all of our stunts.

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