A Houston school bus fell over a highway overpass Tuesday morning killing two students and injuring three people. According to CNN, the school bus, driven by Louisa Pacheo was heading down I-610 en route to Furr High School when someone driving a Buick LeSabre crossed in the lane of the school bus hitting it from the front. Pacheo over- corrected and the bus went over the guard rail.

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Pacheo was being treated for her injuries. The victims names have not been released. A witness to the accident said he watched the bus go, “nose down on the freeway at more than 50 miles per hour”. Investigators are interviewing the driver of the LeSabre and have not filed charges. The investigation in the crash is still pending.

According to school officials, the bus had just went through maintenance inspection in June. Pacheo went through 10 to 12 hours of training before the school year and did not have any accidents in the three years she has been a bus driver.