When inmate Charles Alston was sentenced to 25 years in prison for armed robbery, he never thought he would see the District Attorney who was responsible for sending him to prison. Now Alston is giving life to the man who took his life away. Judge Carl Fox was recently diagnosed with blood cancer and given a certain time to live. This meant crunch time to find a bone marrow.

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Judge Fox quickly went on a campaign to find a match. Then he received a letter from one of the most unlikely people to offer their help. Alston wrote Judge Fox offering his help in helping him find a match. Judge Fox was touched by the letter, but there was one thing, inmates cannot donate blood because of fear of spreading diseases.

Judge Fox was quickly moved by the letter. Alston said that he hated Judge Fox for sentencing him to prison but learned to forgive him after attending church.


Fox is still campaigning for a donor by creating, “Save the Fox”. Alston says that he has hope to meet Judge Fox in the future and will continue to pray for him.