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After much anticipation, the mixtape is now available.

To say that Young Thug and Lil Wayne have a similar sound in their music would be an extreme understatement. For that reason, when it was announced that Free Weezy Album and Slime Season would drop on the same day, everyone had something to say about it. Would there be subliminal shots? Would Thug’s music be of a higher quality and trigger an unofficial passing of the crown?

It never ended up happening. Since July 4th, Thug’s tape was repeatedly pushed back with no confirmed reason. We continued to receive unauthorised leaks with no real knowledge about where they’d end up. Now, problems between the two former affiliates seem to have eased up, especially considering Take Kare made it onto the final tracklist.


The full tape is officially out and available for download. Was it worth the wait? Find out below.

– Akaash Sharma (@AkaaSH_SHarmA)