On September 4th, Pennsylvania rapper Quazelle announced the release of new material after a long hiatus, by tweeting “It’s been close to 2 years since I last released any music, but I’m ready to give ya’ll some new sounds today!” As optimistic as that tweet may sound, the subject matter on the newest track hints that his time off could have been a period of reevaluating trust.

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“Motives”,which features Spoon Dollaz, tells the story of a man fed up with people’s shady intentions. Over an eerie beat (produced by Fayo & Chill) that’s part opening credits of an 80’s horror movie and part chilly synthesizer simplicity, Quazelle warns his “sometimes” acquaintances that he peeps game:  “I’m busy, now they wanna make time for me. Tell me they love me but, they lyin’ to me…I’m a man now. So many more things that I understand now.”

If this earlier tweet was the informal announcement of Quazelle’s return, then consider “Motives” his official kick-off anthem. And for all those who still have their hand out, consider this your eviction notice. 


Hit the play button above and let us  know your thoughts.

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