How would you live if God could guarantee your life was long?

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Circumstances alter the outcome of life. G Herbo (formerly known as Lil Herb) reminisces about his hardened life, trials and tribulations. When he was 13, Herbert Wright was engrossed into academics, reading books and playing basketball. Three years later, adaptation occurred and at 16, he was kin to street pharmacists and he handled deadly weapons. The truth is being from “Terror Town” (or any ‘hood like it that lacks vital resources, lucrative and developmental opportunities, affordable mental therapy and extracurricular activities) isn’t the best environment to raise a child in, for the aforementioned reason.

However unlike most rappers, both of Herbo’s parents were at home. He shares that he was closer to his mom, but the relationship with his father was estranged because his life took a gloomy turn.


“Pops was cool but I was everything I wasn’t supposed to be / In the street, ditching school / Murder, drugs around me.”

Dwelling on the Eastside of Chicago wasn’t easy and the proof sits at the beginning of his second verse. Therefore, he found himself having to defend himself and do whatever it took to survive. Becoming numb and heartless as a result of the violence and countless murders of close friends and the alike, often he found himself in a never-ending cycle. With all perils, misfortune and losses in his life, the 19-year-old entertainer still finds the time and courage to show appreciation to his supporters, who ultimately helped to change his life again,

“Bunch of shootouts / Lucky that them bullets went around me / God was with me, jumped straight in that water / It ain’t drown me.”

“Love and live your life. Make it lavish long, and I can’t right my wrongs, so I just write my songs. How would I live if God guarantee my life was long? And when I sin, I pray that God don’t leave my life alone.”

Stream Herbo’s profundity, all-telling single “L’s” from his forthcoming project titled, “Ballin Like I’m Kobe”, which is set to release sometime this month. In addition, Herbo will join The Smoker’s Club Tour.

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