R&B has turned from strictly baby making odes, to unrequited love, into the complete 180 degree turn of the anti-love song. However, contemporarily, the genre has become a musical blank canvas where artists can blend their influences and experiment with sounds and subject matter. With his latest release, Backseat Memories, Harlem based crooner LoVel capitalizes on the current climate of R&B.

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LoVel uses his sultry falsetto as a vehicle to transcend listeners from the no-strings-attached attitude of summertime into the first rounds of cuffing season. And the stand-out anthem of this season is the seductive “Me Too”, which serenades his shorty’s mind as well as her curves.  “The Calling” is a another refreshing glimpse into LoVel’s sound. The uptempo track–with it’s echoing production–doesn’t play like anything else in heavy rotation yet, immediately makes the listener feel as though it should be the recipient of heavy spins.

Within the roster of other R&B artists, consider LoVel somewhere between the guy all too thirsty for multiple dances after buying you a single drink and that other guy, who spent the night reminding you that “these hoes ain’t loyal.”  Throughout Backseat Memories, the theme of youth’s reckless abandon over trance-y beats with sexy baselines, connects the listener to the signature sound of LoVel; this paired with the fact that there are only two features on it’s entirety, allows fans to familiarize with the artist, in a really organic way.


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Backseat Memories is now available for free download here! Enjoy.

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