What an amazing evening…

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Face Forward’s founder and CEO Mrs. Debroh Alessi has been granting victims of domestic violence a second chance at life since 2007.Face Forward works as a non-profit organization and it provides more than pro bono reconstructive surgery to adults and children who have suffered from traumatic and physical abuse.They also create a welcoming, safe, and loving environment for the victims to start a new life and reclaim their confidence.

September 19th, 2015 marked the 6th annual gala. The theme of the evening was moulin rouge and it complimented it so well. The event began around 6:00pm, celebrities like Nelly, Chaka Kan,Kevin Frasier, and Laytoya Jackson all showed their support and stated their opinion on domestic violence.


When Nelly was asked ” Would he like to see Hip Hop do more in addressing social issues?”

” I’d like to see the music industry as a whole touch on issues that we don’t speak up on. There is a lot of issues in the black community that we highlight that we need to pay more attention too”.image015

His lovely date Shontell Jackson who is formally known as Mayweather’s Ex girlfriend gave her advice to domestic violence victims:

“Get out of the relationship as soon as possible, i know it sounds easier than it is but  you’re not living life to the fullest when you’re living with your abuser. So get out of your situation because it only gets deeper.”


Latoya Jackson also shared her experience dealing with domestic violence and had some advice for victims as well:

” Your abuser doesn’t love you like they say they do. First they take you away from your family and friends and then keep you all to themselves. You lose contact with everyone and they keep you isolated. They treat you with disrespect and almost as if you’re not a person. If you’re experiencing this, you need to leave now, and seek help.

Face Forward’s 6th annual gala in all  was a huge success, performances included Macy Gray and  Chaka Khan.  The money raised goes to the patients of Face Forward, a charity dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

From the outcome of the 6th annual gala, it looks as if the organization only gets better. So I’m pretty excited for the next one.