Imagine being from a dangerous environment and an outsider mocks your lifestyle for popularity…

“This sh*t ain’t no game. This sh*t ain’t no joke. Don’t rap about it, if you don’t be around it. You gon’ f*ck around and get smoked…”

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In a record less than two minutes long, Chicago’s own Lil Mouse attacks Slim Jesus for his inauthenticity and mockery of drillers and the tough yet glorified lifestyles of the youth living in the streets of Chicago. Since he released the official video for Drill Time video, the 19-year-old Hamilton, Ohio-native has garnered so much attention that he’s hard to ignore. To date, his video has collected over 7.2 million views. Hence, the stir its causing.

“That don’t mean you a drill rapper cause you got a thirty shot with a beam. These days n*ggas’ characters finna shoot a movie put them in a scene. You diss all the n*ggas from here. Real talk, they ain’t on sh*t. N*gga tryna get street credit. You real G’s catch them get the whole clip. I’m a show you how to drill time.”

In addition, The Game shared his thoughts about Slim Jesus during an interview with Complex, “He’s gonna get his ass smoked”.


Slim Jesus, take it as a warning. People are angry.

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