Recap: SOURCE360 Unsigned Hype Competition

The Second Annual SOURCE360 Festival & Experience is celebration for the entire 360-degree spectrum of art, music, film & television, fashion, dance, sports, and technology inspired by Hip Hop.

The Unsigned Hype Competition gives a lineage of dope emcees the intense, but fun opportunity to go head to head for the title on a live stage. Some Unsigned Hype alumnis include The Notorious B.I.G, Common, and Eminem to name a few.

20 participants competed and only 6 of them advanced to the next round. The finalists included K. Forbes, Bam Vito, Scienze, Josh McFadden, Yusha Assad, and  Rose Rome. Everyone put on a riveting show. But there was room for only one winner and ultimately K. Forbes ended victoriously.


The King of Pop Comedy, Jack Thriller hosted the show and Smoke DZA also came through and graced the SOURCE360 stage.

Check out the pictures in the gallery and the video below to see what you missed at The Second Annual SOURCE360 Festival & Experience: