Carven’s Spring/Summer 16 Collection reminds you of a summer vacation on the Mediterranean.

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Variations of blue hues are a theme in the collection. Carven’s creative director, Alexis Martial explained that “The idea was to give a feeling of summer – we wanted to express a girl living in the city, then going to sea, taking a boat, and exploring the deep side of the sea.” Bright colors of crimson, nectarine-orange and yellow were matched with enveloped skirts and shirt-dresses, paired with a belt to complete the look. The intricate prints and trimmings along with high collars and bomber jackets definitely conveyed fun and maintain the coolness element that the ocean brings. The model’s very natural looking make up and simple middle part hairstyle wasn’t a distraction from the pieces and added to the sporty vibe. Carven’s soft, yet bold and playful collection will be a flattering addition to next season’s wardrobe.

Romero Jennings, Director of Makeup Artistry at Mac Cosmetics discussed the beauty look. He said, “This whole season seems to be about transparency and transparency in skin and it’s great with highlighting that we see at many shows but sometimes too they’re doing this really matte finish and today we’re doing that. We’re using the Mac mattifier as moisturizer first and then a little bit of the Studio Finish Matte Concealer that goes right on top. So instead of doing moisturizer and foundation and powder, you can skip a step if you use that’s quite matte. So the mattifier underneath as the base, concealer or foundation and that’s it, no powder. They’re finding that with powder the skin just looks dry and older, so keeping it really fresh, really transparent. A really interesting technique done with a very skinny brush and two paint pots… We’re basically mixing these two colors depending on the girls skin tone, and then dotting in the lash line leaving spaces, [repeating] so this way it looks like the lashes are quite rich and velvety but still you don’t see any line, so it’s enhancing, the eye without any detection of make up. Then we’re filling in and brushing the brow so they look very full. So it’s still a pretty brow, it’s defined but then we’re going in and adding spaces by messing it up a little bit.”


He continued, “The next thing is that we’re adding a cheek. That’s really what you’re going to see on the runway. The color is called Lady Blush and we’re using it on all of the girls. It reads fresh sort of coral color, summer color. Then the lip, we’re using two tones; one is a chubby lip pencil that is almost transparent and then a lipstick also. The lipstick is a cream sheen and it’s called Modesty. These colors just look like lips. Everything we chose today looks very natural and fresh. You can’t really tell if the model is done or not except the brows would be perfected and you can see the blush. A little bit of gloss might be added on the lid or cheek but really the makeup is a “no make up” make up. It’s very velvety and matte skin, and just pretty and fresh.”

Products used:
Studio Moisture Fix Lotion ProLongwear Concealer Lady Blush

Deep Dark Brunette Fluidline Gel Cream
Dirty Blonde Fluidline Gel Cream
Extended Gigablack Lash
Brown Ebony Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set

Modesty Lipstick
Revived Up Paint Polish Lip Pencil

-Robin Green