Hus Kingpin’s House of Kingpin may be based on a contemporary Netflix drama, but this mixtape is a trip to eras before.  The House of Cards theme throughout the project is pretty ill along with HOC’s own, Remy Denton, narrating the the interludes between tracks, however, the dopest part of the project is in the instrumentals chosen to lay under Hus’s rhymes.

“Invisible Eyes” immediately transports the listener to 60’s soul, equipped with whimsical keys as Hus waxes idealistic.  Soon after, those sounds are coupled with the stylized 90’s beat of “Me Against the World” (referencing the classic Pac record, of course).  “Jet Life” is an easy standout, where the Hempstead, NY, native commences to kick bona-fide flows after a quick nod to Nas’s “It Aint Hard to Tell” (“drop a jew-el”), and a staccato-ed piano intro reminiscent of Elton John’s “Benny & The Jets.”

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All around, the mixtape is evocative of Action Bronson’s Mr Wonderful, with a tinge bit more creativity in the theming and more confidence in lyrical capability.  The tape weighs in at a hefty 26-tracks.  DJ Skizz (YourOldDroog), Raw Minerals, Doc Mindbenda (Vic Spencer) and Camouflage Monk contribute production, while SmooVth, Big Twins of Infamous Mobb and others appear for guest verses.” Keep an eye on this Long Island emcee for he is indeed delivering ill sh*t to the culture.

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