Russell Simmons faces some of the toughest questions of his career.

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All Def Digital have begun a brand new series titled Arts & Raps. It’s a show where rappers and people in the industry will be forced to answer some of the most difficult questions of their career from the biggest little people – the kids.


One of the people on the first season is Russell Simmons. He was interviewed by Zay Zay and Jo Jo and talked about what a vegan is, what he does for a living, when he thinks it’s okay to say the n-word, why he meditates and so much more. Oh, not to mention the fact that the kids were crafting yoga mats the entire time.

It’s a hilarious and cute clip which makes for some great entertainment. If you love what you see, be sure to tune in on Friday on All Def Digital. Check out the preview above.

– Akaash Sharma (@AkaaSH_SHarmA)

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