One of the biggest stories in music this year has been the rise of Paterson, NJ native Fetty Wap and The Remy Boyz. The newcomer has left his stamp on the charts becoming the first rapper to have his first four singles be in Billboard’s top 10 simultaneously. Fetty Wap has handled the newfound fame with much grace and humility but it has not been without it’s perils.

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Taking a look at his chart topping hit single “679,” (which is this writers favorite record this year), you’ll notice Remy Boyz members Montana Buckz aka Monty and P-Dice who also make solid appearances. As the summer came to a close, it was clear that something had changed considering that P-Dice was no longer making public appearances with the collective and does not appear on the album version of the song. Soon rumors began swirl in the NY/NJ area of a possible rift.

This week, P-Dice sat down with VladTV and discussed the issue for the first time publicly. Telling his side of he story, he explains in detail that he was removed from the group due to a skirmish with another New Jersey based artist and was thus deemed a liability.


No less than 24 hours later, Fetty Wap responded with a video of his own. Leaving the humility at the door, a more expressive and Fetty shared that he was never truly that close with P-Dice and his departure from the group was based on a lack of loyalty. Check out both videos below.

Hopefully both parties can settle their differences and continue making great music.Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)


  • Kimberly jobe says:

    I love fetty! Thats why i love the source! I mean shit.. It is what it is!! The nigga wasn’t loyal! That’s what this world is lacking now days…..LOYALTY!!!

  • Mic says:

    Now I have heard both sides, I’m still not clear on P dice departure but all I know is that usually when a group starts together and blows up, we as fans do expect to see the original group that started. It’s usually not the same when people leave the group for whatever reason. I think P Dice and Wap need to have a 1 on 1 convo. And see if they can make a mends. And if P dice gets back with the group, yes, it may feel weird for only few weeks but then that will pass and then you all can continue to make great music as a group. Yals beef is not bad enough to break the group up. Yal as a group are the most hottest right now so let’s get some more great music going.