Moncler Gamme Rouge’s Spring/Summer Collection combined flowers with fencing.

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As the runway was a meadow of grass and wildflowers it matched perfectly with the delicate floral lace short silhouettes that many pieces consisted of. White was a main color used with variations of maroon, black and charcoal. The clothing structure was mostly a-line and fitted-waist dresses that draped into a circular mid-drift along with a coat and pants combinations. Hints of green vine detail were added as embellishments on the garments and in the some of the models hair. Other models just had a fluffy teased ponytail. The makeup was very minimalistic; a flushed romantic look done with a bright blush and light foundation coverage. Some models were accessorized with fencing mask and foils integrating an underlying toughness contrasting the ‘pretty princess’ look. Giambattista Valli can consider this a collection well done.

Below is how you can get the “Miss Princess Pretty Perfect” look by Val Garland for Mac Cosmetics. Baltasar Gonzalez described the look:


“An innocent but magical look – So we will be using foundation, as needed, not that much. Discovering and concealing, not covering just adding in the areas that do need it. So after that we apply the crème based in pearl, it’s like a highlighter but eyeshadow in crème. So you apply and it looks radiant and beautiful and it gives a moist pearlized effect around the cheekbones. Then we were using crème, which is creamy for the lips in a really strong red but we’re using it in a very translucent way just to blush in the cheeks and a little on the lips. We’re using a cream color eye pencil around the eye inside the waterline to highlight and remove some redness around the eye. Then just powder, focusing on the forehead, sides of the nose and chin. It’s not about healthy; it’s about a romantic, shamed and shy look, very tender. For the eyebrows we were penciling and shadowing to personalize and create that virgin eyebrow. #266, the angled brush is one of the queen brushes in MAC. In this type of look, I think in terms of tools and brushes, we need to always find the fluffy ones, as far as eyebrows, we need precision, and a sharp and hard one is going to help create that effect and a more real interpretation of an eyebrow.”


Products used:


Skin is eternal and romantic with a flush of Crimson Lipmix mixed into Shine Mixing Medium on the cheeks to look pinched

Waterweight foundation applied to even out tone & climax light highlighter is tapped onto cheekbones

Brows are groomed to look tomboy-ish using Prolongwear Waterproof Brow Set & 210 brush to create single hairs

Eyeliner Mixing Medium combed through the brows for a healthy full brow

Lips are hydrated with Lip Conditioner

-Robin Green