Olympia Le-Tan’s Spring/Summer collection called, “Sentimental Journey” was a Japanese inspired collection. Saturday night, guests brought to Hotel Olympia, which was an ode to Hotel Okura that was recently destroyed in Japan. 

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Polariods from the Japanese artist and photographer Araki were transformed into a textile used for a kimono, skirt, dress, and even hand-embroidered onto bags. His signature bondage ropes were incorporated and served as a belt tightly embedded around the waist of the satin garments. Filmmaker, Yasujirō Ozu’s distincitive red kettle also influenced a cotton poplin print similar to the Japanese flag, which was made into flowy dresses.



Vivid colors of red, gold, fuchsia and olive popped out on the runway as the silks, satin and paper-like cotton fabrics swayed on the models. Each model wore a pair of scarlet red tights under their garment with customized Christian Louboutin’s, which had the matching bondage rope. The hairstyle was teased into a wind-blown ponytail and they all had a perfectly drawn bright red lip with dramatic blush. Olympia wanted this season’s woman to be “sensually powerful but sensitive and nostalgic. She is wild and tough but there is a gentle sadness in her eyes.”

MAC Cosmetics’ Karim Rahman spoke about the look.

Where did the inspiration come from this season runway makeup look?

Inspiration came from Araki, the Japanese artist and photographer, the bondage art as well, mixed with Serge Lutens in terms of makeup. It’s a beautiful complexion but with matte with very black liner, very Serge Lutens.

There is this mix of color underneath the eye and on the cheek bones as well. And Super matte lips drawn in a very Serge Lutens way as well.

A little bit of Japan inspiration, but then added a little twist because we wanted something quite funky in a way that’s why it’s a bit more sharp.

What was the process of getting such precise cheek detail?

You have to get the right brushes. So basically, I drew the prefect shape of eyes with the black pencil, and then I used like a flat brush and used the red and the pink and applied it under the line and blend the inside part and the blush on top of it. Then after that, and then I used another small/thin brush, not too large. Then added a little bit of concealer on top to make it perfect and blend out any marks or lines.


What’s the secret to make the red lips stay and not bleed or smear?

It’s the MAC lipstick. The applicator is impeccable, it stays matte and is very easy to apply and is long-lasting too. I apply a little bit of concealer on the edge as well.


Products used:



Studio Waterweight foundation all over and completely mattified using blot powder



Feline pencil to create thick line and wing

Carbon eyeshadow pressed on top

Devil blush mixed with Apple Red blush is blended under the wing

Spring Flock blush blended with Let’s Be Friends Blush brought down onto cheek

Shine Mixing Medium applied on eyelid and lower lashline



Feels So Grand Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick applied with a pointed cupids bow and softened/blended bottom lip.

-Robin Green