Cam’ron Inspires Stance’s Latest Anthem Collection

Earlier this week Stance launched their Anthem Legends collection which immortalized Muhammad Ali and Notorious B.I.G. on their high quality socks. Today, they’re now celebrating yet another legend, Harlem World’s own, Cam’ron.

When Cam’ron and The Diplomats surfaced in the early 2000’s, their innate rapping skills and cohesive crew chemistry was only matched by their gaudy fashion sense. Juelz Santana made the centuries old American Flag a trendy fashion print in the timeless “Hey Ma” music video and Killa Cam made it cool for men nationwide to wear the color pink in his ever famous “pink mink and pink cellphone” picture. Both of these historical moments in Hip Hop fashion serve as inspiration for the design of the super comfortable, athletic socks.
Get your hands…well feet, in these Stance’s Cam’ron tribute socks here.

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