It is becoming well known that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month all cross nation and since the 2010 NFL season, the league has required all players to wear pink accessories such as wristbands, cleats, etc during October each season. All of the proceeds used to purchase these items go to further funding breast cancer research. A great way to donate, while also raising awareness on a massive scale.

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Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams, formerly of the Carolina Panthers, had decided to take things one step further, asking the NFL to allow him to wear pink accessories all throughout the season. This comes following the death of his mother Sandra Hill, over one year ago.

Speaking to ESPN, Williams shared:


It’s not just about October for me; it’s not just a month, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about getting women to recognize to get tested.

The NFL denied his request stating that the pink attire would violate the leagues uniform policy (yes, they have one), so instead, during Pittsburgh’s Monday night game against the San Diego Chargers, Williams revealed pink dye on his dreads, thus circumventing the uniform policy.

Today, it has been revealed that Williams has taken his philanthropic spirit one step further by volunteering to pay for the Mammograms of 53 women in the Pittsburgh and Charlotte, NC area.

With the NFL having had PR nightmare situations with with the cases of Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald amongst others, it is truly great to Williams getting such support and press for his efforts. All for a great cause.Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)

Photo Credit: Keith Srakocic/Associated Press