The “kang” speaks. 

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Genius has long been the one-stop spot for crowdsourced interpretations of song lyrics, and much more these days, since the release of their Genius Beta program. Crowdsourcing, however, can generally leave a lot of room to interpretation.. or misinterpretation, especially when it comes to rappers’ lyrics. In a riotous new segment for Vanity Fair, T.I. helps clarify some “misannotations” and commend some annotators whose interpretations were spot on.

In the video T.I. addresses Genius’ annotations of his hit songs such as “Swagger Like Us”, “Whatever You Like”, “Why You Wanna” and his most popular song on Genius, “About The Money”.  Tip also helps clarify when Drake named dropped him on “Club Paradise” off of Take Care, recalling the very conversation that inspired his mention back in 2011.


T.I. has also recently linked up with Genius to talk about his latest project, Da’ Nic EP, in which he broke down the lyrics for each track —  providing some background info and context. He even offered some insight in the creative process that fuels his tandem with Young Thug, who he collaborated with on “Peanut Butter Jelly” from the EP:


[Pre-Hook: Young Thug]
― T.I. (Ft. Young Dro & Young Thug) – Peanut Butter Jelly (PBJ)


Check out the video above and T.I.’s verified annotations for Da’ Nic here.