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Bryson Tiller‘s debut mixtape-album, Trap Soul, was released on RCA Records on October 2nd, and sold 22,000 copies in its first week, impressive considering just a few months prior, Tiller was a widely unknown talent from relatively unknown territory–the “Don’t” singer hails from Louisville, Kentucky, whose biggest current public figure is probably college basketball coach Rick Pitino.

Today, he’s released his second music video from the project, “Sorry Not Sorry,” one of the handful of songs that gained popularity on Tiller’s Soundcloud before he signed his creative partnership with RCA. Vacillating between a vintage and a modern filter, the video lets you tail Tiller as he walks through his hometown of Louisville with a few of his boys. No sighting of those “b*tches with they own sh*t” he prefers, but we’re sure there’s more to come.