While fans await for the Trap God, Gucci Mane to make his return home from the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana on March 6, 2016, fans can now show their support and appreciation for Gucci with exclusively designed Free Gucci hats.

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The hats are set to be released on none other than October 17 (10/17) from upcoming fashion designer Will on fromwill.com.

“The concept of the hat was to pretty much bring awareness to Gucci,” says the 21-year old fashion aficionado. “The 1017 date was just like the perfect time. Everyone associates him with 1017. The concept was to pretty much use some type of pop culture figure like Gucci for people to gravitate towards to buying the item. I feel like streetwear is really hard to sell especially to random people on the internet.”

As a huge Gucci Mane fan, Will’s decision to create a hat paying homage to the legendary Atlanta rapper was a no-brainer.


He has always felt a connection to the Trap House rapper and wanted to create something that people could also connect with who felt the same.

“I feel like Gucci is someone that everyone can gravitate towards despite color or race,” the Aurora, Illinois native says. “I feel like even if you’re in the suburbs or if you’re in the city somebody has told you about Gucci being in jail or his music. A lot people love Gucci for his music and a lot of people love Gucci for the act and the things that he does and the person that he is. I feel like Gucci is someone that everybody would like and everybody can gravitate towards.”

The Free Gucci hats originally made their first appearance at 40oz Bounce Atlanta earlier this year alongside his fast selling and popular Future Jordan t-shirts.

“The whole premise was that I wanted to showcase these hats in Atlanta,” says Will. “I just felt like it was perfect because it was two Atlanta artists and I feel like people would be ready to buy it. So I went out to Atlanta for the 40oz Bounce and I had a little set-up for myself with the Future Jordan tees and the Gucci hats. Once I showcased them I took a couple of pictures of them, put them on the Internet and a lot of people were buzzing about it.”

Will is no neophyte to fashion design as he began his haphazard yet humble journey at the Art Institute in Los Angeles for fashion design to learn how to cut and sew. An unfortunate situation arose leading for the budding fashion designer to get kicked out of housing and scale back on his dreams.

He began living couch-to-couch and out of his trunk.

“That’s what kind of pushed me to start designing a little bit more and designing t-shirts,” he says. “I came out here to do more cut and sew but then when that whole situation happened I just decided that I would do what I can and that’s when I started doing the t-shirts. I did the t-shirts and now I am at the hat so pretty much I have have been designing for awhile like t-shirts, hats and hoodies and stuff but I came to LA to do straight cut and sew. I really wanted to do like garments and for things to fit a certain type of way but I knew I couldn’t afford to pay for those type of things so I knew I had to finesse my situation and give myself room to get back to cut and sew.”

With the formal 10/17 release of the Free Gucci hats, Will has plans of subsequently unleashing a Cam’Ron inspired hat and t-shirt along with a black version of the Future Jordan tee.

He is also set to hold a pop-up shop in Chicago in December.

Gucci Mane is currently serving a three-year sentence for a number of charges including weapon possession at United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana and is set for release on March 6, 2016.

Fans wanting to get in touch with the Trap God himself can do so here:
RADRIC DAVIS #65556019