If you’re into the Los Angeles underground party scene you’ve probably heard of the legendary HAM on everything parties. In which, they began around the year 2011 where the smoked-out warehouse raves came together with your most relevant rapper. The face behind all of this greatness is Adam Weiss and the Chicago native continues to make a statement for himself.

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HAM on Everything events are well known for there wicked promo strategies. The website http://www.hamoneverything.tv and the twitter account @HamOnEverything is probably the best way to find out about upcoming events. They usually require a RSVP and information about the venue is usually released the day of.

This past weekend HAM On Everything put together something very unforgettable. A line up that included Soulja Boy, Juicy J, OG Maco, Lil debbie, Playboi Carti, Da$H and more.It was held Downtown LA and the line was literally wrapped around the block for general admission. Security was super tight but it was worth it.


DA$H had fans engaging in a mosh pit before he even began performing. He gave the kids some knowledge by advising them to stay away from drugs, and closed off with a R.I.P tribute to ASAP Yams.Playboi Carti took the stage right after, his set included Fetti and Broke Boi. Lil Debbie came through had the stage turned up, she threw a zip into the crowd and manage to have a twerk contest all in one set.Soulja Boy was up next! He started to get the crowd hype with his Jumpman Freestyle, followed by Turn My Swag On and ended with the classical banger Superman.

OG Maco performance was phenomenal; he showed the crowd so much love. The energy was off the charts and he even made his way into the crowd while performing. Shout outs to whoever planned the showcase timing because having Juicy J end the festival was the dopest idea ever.

Juicy J began with his most recent music but when he started showing respect to the deceased members of three six mafia. It was over, straight 90s three six mafia started and the crowd nearly lost it. The show ended with a bang, congrats to Adam for throwing one of the most stupendous festivals in Los Angeles.