Before you take a ride in Appleby’s “Glossy Ride” it’s imperative that you don’t try to place the song in one particular genre. The mysterious Chicago crooner blends sounds and genres in a way that very few can. “Glossy Ride” is backed by a JMSN-sampled R E T R O 1 beat that’ll pierce through your ear to the depths of your soul.

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Just when it sounds like Appleby is taking his “Glossy Ride” down the smooth R&B lane, some screwed vocals creep onto the track to give it a dark feel.  “I don’t floss in a glossy ride,” Appleby croons on the first verse, but even if you did catch Appleby in his coupe on the north side of town you wouldn’t know it was him. Appleby is an artist who wants his music to speak for itself, which is why most don’t even know what he looks like. Some of his closest friends and family don’t even know that he moonlights as an internet phenomenon.

“Glossy Ride” is a unique cut that comes just in time for the winter. It’s a refreshing reminder that there are still artists who take pride in the intrinsic value of music rather than the flashy whips. Stream the track below and let us know what you think.


– C.J. Rucker (@Ruckmatic)