In my adventures and travels I have encountered many artists. This past escapade brought me to the heavenly steps of the House of Lotus in Atlanta where I met four queens teaming with charisma and ready to take on the world. Better known as B.O.Y (Be Only You) this group combines heartfelt emotion of Mary J. Blige with the melodic style of Keri Hilson to give and experience that equal parts strength, swag, and seduction. After being wowed by their performance and their self titled EP B.O.Y. I came up with three reasons to check out their movement.  Peep Game.


Their Music – I f I had to place them in my musical universe it would be in a vortex between TLC and Jhene Aiko, listening to Xscape.  Each Member is distinctive without overpowering the other members.  Their music is well written and catchy with the subject matter rooted to reality.  One Listen and you may be hooked.


Their Style – Fly, fun, classy with more than a touch of seduction. Just four gorgeous women feeding off the trends of golden era hip-hop and R&B, with the positive attitude that also matched those time periods.

Their Attitude -Willing to change the world but only asking you to “Be Only You.”  In a generation looking for endless celebrity a group of humble minded individuals is refreshing to the senses.  Each member excels at being themselves and is more than willing to show the world who why they’re destined for super stardom.

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Keep your third eye out for more material from these incredible women and watch out for their 1996 video hitting the internet soon.

= DefSoul (@DefSoulNJ)