“…kaboom, I’m lethal cerebral like Max Keeble who’ll beat you until you feeble ball’d up into a fetal but I’m peaceful like praying at the steeple of a cathedral you John Doe I’m Legend we not Ordinary People…”

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Hip hop newcomer Static Spaz (real name Rashodd McGhee) drops “Hyperbolic Time Chamber,” produced by Kid Dyno, which finds the rapper showing off with his unique wordplay and metaphors, and boasting some of the most clever lines I’ve heard this year.  It also comes with the revelation he’s a bigger Dragon Ball Z fan then we previously thought.


Spaz pays homage to Outkast’s 1996 single “ATLiens,” making his exit on the track by asking the listeners  “…what more you want from me?”

If you do want more from Spaz, his first mixtape, titled In Shodd We Trust, is expected to drop December 1, 2015.

You can listen to the track “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” below.