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John Wick 2

Revered hip hop artist Common has successfully transitioned from a full time wordsmith into an established film personality and actor. Next year, he will don a myriad of fake tattoos and a septum piercing in order to play a still unknown character in the hotly anticipated DC comic book blockbuster film Suicide Squad. It is now being reported that Common is also set to channel his inner villain opposite Keanu Reeves in the sequel to the critically acclaimed, breakneck action thriller John Wick.

The 2014 film John Wick revolved around Reeve’s portrayal of a one time hitman who is forced to recall his deadly training and killing ability. Wick fights his way through an army of gangsters who inflict physical and emotional pain on Wick at the onset of the film when they beat him senseless and murder his pet dog, a parting gift from his terminally ill wife. The sequel to the film will see a female crime lord who is aided in her illegal activities by Commonn who is set to play the position of her head of security and right hand opposite good guy Keanu Reeves.

Also in the pipeline for Common is a role in Spike Lee’s forthcoming musical comedy Chiraq, an appearance in threequel Barbershop 3 and a position in The Wiz Live! a TV reproduction of the classic 1975 musical that is set to star talents such as Queen Latifah, Ne-yo and Mary J. Blige.