Run DMC and Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”, Lincoln Park and Jay-Z’s “Encore”; unexpected mash-Ups have turned seemingly crazy ideas into epic music moments. In keeping with that tradition, the most random of pairings has birthed a fire track.

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The Migos remix of Fall Out Boy’s “Irresistible” feels fresh, with Patrick Stump’s soulful vocals serving as the preamble to a fitting Migos verse over an 808 driven beat. As a band, Fall Out Boy is no stranger to Hip-Hop collaborations as the remixed version of their latest album entitled Make America Psycho Again, includes several acts such as Wiz Khalifa and Big K.R.I.T., so when it comes to a this genre blending style, they know how to do it right.

Is it dope to you or nah?  Check it out below and let us know!