For the last few days, a video of a South Carolina police officer slamming a female African American student to the ground after she refused to leave her classroom has virally spread. Sheriff Deputy Ben Fields can be seen grabbing the 15-year-old Spring Valley High School student by her neck and slamming her into the ground.

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As it happens, Deputy Fields is no stranger to “manhandling” hpeople.Army Veteran Carlos Martin, a victim from Fields’ violent past, has come forward to attest that Fields did the same thing to him 10 years ago.

According to Martin, Deputy Fields was at his apartment complex, following up on a noise complaint. Martin said he had pulled up blasting music from his car when Fields approached him, and an argument ensued. Shortly after, Martin found himself being slammed to the ground by Fields, and Martin’s wife at the time, Tashianna Rogers, came out and began taking photos on her phone, at which time Fields directed another officer to “get her black ass.” The unidentified officer grabbed Rogers’ phone and promptly deleted all of the photos.


Martin says because of this arrest, he was discharged from the military and later divorced his wife, who felt he should have done more to protect her from the officer.

Martin eventually took Fields to court, but the case was dismissed after it was ruled that there were no signs of excessive force.

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