Model: Denise Mercedes

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Measurements: 42,33,48

As of recent, being plus size has become more socially acceptable than ever.  With a considerable number of poppin fashion bloggers, displaying unique styles, places to shop for the latest in trends etc., more and more women are becoming open to embracing and celebrating their curves.


I came across plus size model, Denise Mercedes, on social media several months back and have been a supporter of her ever since.  She is goal oriented, confident, ambitious and a positive role model who is inspired to teach young women to love themselves.  Get familiar with her below and check out her dope style gallery!


Evie B: So tell us where you’re from Denise!  The city you rep and your ethnicity.

Denise M:  Well I was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey and I am 100% Dominican.

Evie B: Ha! Dimelo!, A fellow Dominicana!  That’s fly, so how old are you and when did you get into modeling?

Denise M: I’m 24 years young

Evie B: What?! You’re super young!

Denise M: I know! I don’t look that young though, lol.  I started modeling a while ago, when I was about 13 years old.  I worked at a photography studio at the time, filing papers, and would see all these models come in to shoot.  I’d tell myself I wanted to model like them and not sit here in the office, filing.  One day I asked my boss if it was ok for me to invite a friend over to take pictures at the studio with our phones.  My boss was cool with it so ever since that, my friend and I would take pics all the time, but instead of using our phones, I saved up and bought a $600 camera.  The quality of my photography improved, and it was history from then on.

Evie B: That’s awesome, so you were inspired at an early age.  Now regardless of how favorable plus size modeling has become, there are still many women who don’t feel they are adequate enough to model, of course, due to insecurities about their size and weight.  Not every plus size girl is brave enough to step in that lane, in fear of being harshly criticized.  What drives you to pursue that and not let anything negative get in the way?

Denise M: I get criticized all the time, well not all the time but I do get those one or 2 negative comments here and there.  Honestly, it’s a bad feeling when sometimes I have to wake up to comments like “ew you look disgusting or lose some weight you fat whale” so yeah it’s definitely hard but why would I let something stupid stop me from what I love to do?  I mean, if I let these people stop me, then they would be winning.

Evie B: I completely agree with you.  With the way that society operates today, primarily on social media, at any point did it scare you?

Denise M: Not really because at the time I began to gain popularity, plus size models were already trending so I felt like I was going to fit in right away. The only thing that annoys me is that many photographers have a thin model preference. They’re afraid of working with plus size models for some reason.

Evie B: Those photographers are just afraid to step out of what they are used to. I think you’re dope; I particularly followed you because you have great style and you inspired me to be more self-assured, which I’m sure is the reason many other women support you as well

. Have you ever done any runway?

Denise M: Yes! I like showing women that you don’t have to be thin to look cute . For example, crop tops, I love crop tops!  They are my favorite but many plus size girls wouldn’t wear them, so in many pictures I like to rock crop tops so bigger women can see that it is okay to wear them even if you aren’t slim.
  I’ve never walked the runway, by the way, I’m more of a picture model.  Walking in heels is tough.

Evie B: What are some of your short and long term goals for yourself in the plus modeling industry?

Denise M: My goals for the plus size industry are to become as successful as Denise Bidot and Ashley Graham. I’d also love  to model for big companies such as Forever21 and Macy’s.

Evie B: People often say that plus sized women are unhealthy but that isn’t always the case. What are your thoughts on that?

Denise M: Yes, people do often say that plus size models are unhealthy but that is not true all the time. I am sure there are several plus size models who aren’t in the greatest health but that is because they don’t take good care of their bodies. Whether someone is big or thin, they should always take care of their bodies by drinking a substantial amount of water daily and hitting the gym three to four times a week. I can’t speak on behalf of all plus size models because I don’t know how they live their lives, however, I can speak for myself because although I am plus size, I always make sure that I don’t go past a certain weight.  In addition, I always make sure I get my cardio in so that my heart is healthy.

Evie B: Great words! Thanks for allowing us into your life.  What’s your message for aspiring plus size models and just plus women in general?

Denise M: Thanks for having me.  My message to aspiring plus size models is to never quit . If you really want to become a plus size model, then work for it and it will happen.

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