Bold, charismatic and talented are the adjectives that best describe the community activist/artist known as HipHop For President. The dynamic wordsmith is a visionary and a leader. He is making history as the youngest candidate to ever legally run for the U.S Presidential office. At the heart of his presidential campaign platform are issues like reparations for slavery and oppression,free higher education, legislation against police brutality, better ideas for employment, curving incarceration penalties for at risk youth, etc.

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Moreover, HipHop For President is also a rapper who performs under the moniker Alpha Leo. He is one of the most compelling and inspiring independent Hip-hop artists creating music today. His intense energy and undeniable flair capture his listeners. He is the embodiment of true Hip Hop. He breathes life into tracks with a clever delivery and an equally clever mind-state. Alpha Leo AKA Hip Hop For President is a versatile artist who weaves together a variety of sounds. He seamlessly blends his Hip Hop compositions with party lyrics as well as reflective and thought-provoking content. Additionally, HipHop For President is the original Hip Hop artist who introduced the idea of a rapper running for president before Woka Flocka Flame and Kanye West.He made a song called “Presidential Announcement” on his mixtape David and Goliath Part 1 that dropped in 2012.

HipHop For President’s steadfast dedication and drive has resulted into a solid and growing fan base around the world. From his polished yet practical lyricism to his bass-booming production, the rapper shows off a complete package of artistry.The rhyme fanatic has rolled out one of the most controversial records of the year with his blazin’ single, “GiantSlayer”. The track is a scathing diss of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. He puts Trump on blast on the song. HipHop For President is not a politician. He is the voice of the underdogs. He wants all those who are part of the Hip Hop culture to support his presidential candidacy and his movement. Follow him on Twitter: @alphaleotime.