It was a very chaotic scene yesterday (October 28) in Normandy, Missouri as an 18-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the face in the St. Louis suburb. Officers have reported to the media that the young man, who has been identified as Amonderez Green, was suicidal and shot himself in the face. Witnesses of the incident are sharing a very different scenario claiming that Green was shot by police.

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The Normandy Police Department stated that they were called in to assist with a “suicidal subject” after his family had difficulty calming him down.  A representative for the officers alleges that when they attempted to speak to Green, he reached into his waistband for a gun and began firing at them. This is when police deployed a Taser, which had no effect and began to return fire with their weapons. The report also cites that the gunshot wound to Green’s face was not from a police weapon, but rather his own, after he fled the scene.

Many of the onlookers spoke with Huffington Post but chose to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. One one woman stated “While he was running, he turned around to face the police and that’s when he got shot in the face. I saw his body drop. They shot him in the face, his whole right side of his face was gone, his top lip was gone.


While the incident took place in Normandy, Missouri, witnesses say that some of the responding officers were wearing Ferguson police uniforms. Ferguson is a nearby town where unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot to death by Ferguson policer officer Darren Wilson in August 2014. Wilson was never indicted or charged with any crime.

Some of video during the incident has been shared online, as well as some witnesses sharing their account of events. In the first clip, a man (presumably Green) can be heard shout “please don’t shoot me” and a mother shouting “please don’t shoot my son.

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