Vince Staples is one of the best new young rappers in the game, and some of his recent off-wax comments have riled up a lot of people, specifically those that grew up in Hip-Hop’s golden age, which is what the 90’s are often referred to as. In a brief interview with TIME, Staples alluded to the fact that his preferred era was the early 2000’s, which makes sense considering he was born in 1993. He says his favorite rapper was Lil Bow Wow, and that the 90’s didn’t have a 50 Cent or a Kanye West, two artists that meant a lot to him growing up. Many people said of the interview that Staples claimed that the 90’s were “overrated,” which certainly wasn’t the case as you can see in the video above, but, naturally, Twitter reacted with hot takes galore.

One of the people that reacted was Noreaga, one of the great staples of the 90’s. He reached out to Staples via Twitter to tell him that he must first pay dues before he begins to compare eras.


Pretty hilarious.