Graphic Footage of the Twin Peaks Biker Gang Shootout Has Been Released

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Police are expected to use recently surfaced surveillance footage from the May biker shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, in their ongoing investigation into just how an alleged meeting between biker gangs ended up in a dizzying firefight that left 9 people dead.

The footage, which you can see above–please be advised, it is graphic–shows an angle from inside Twin Peaks, where scores of bikers in their respective cuts (the leather vests with their crews’ insignia stitched on the back) can be seen looking dutifully outside when the chaos began, then ducking, running to help, or drawing guns, readying for battle. At one point, one biker can be seen, his entire torso bloodied, running for cover inside the restaurant.


In a September profile on the incident, dubbed The Untold Story of the Texas Biker-Gang Shootout, GQ reporter Nathaniel Penn paints a likely accurate picture of chaos, but interestingly points out that the bikers are adamant that the deadliest fire came from previously bystanding police officers, who opened fire on bikers before the incident escalated to a “shoot-out,” and subsequently didn’t provide immediate medical assistance to the wounded. As the investigation continues, the police’s involvement will likely be highly scrutinized thanks to the biker testimonies in that piece.